Webex Contact Center AI

Introducing the Webex Contact Center AI Beta

Cisco contact center is offering an exclusive opportunity for customers to participate in the Webex beta program for contact center AI.

Enrolling in this program will provide you with multiple benefits such as getting an early preview of our latest AI capabilities, collaborating directly with our product development team, and receiving dedicated support. As a beta participant, you'll also play a crucial role in shaping the future of the product by providing valuable feedback and sharing innovative ideas. Experience the latest advancements before the official release and help us refine the user experience and product roadmap.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation – sign-up now and help shape the future of our product!

Beta Participation Requirements List

  • Your organization must have a live production contact center tenant to participate in this Beta program.
  • You will be required to fill in the participation survey for each feature listed as part of this program to confirm the eligibility of your organization for Beta access to the respective feature.
Participation in this beta must be accordance with the terms and conditions of the Webex Beta Test Agreement already in place between your Company and Cisco.